Our offer rate calculator can help you understand your likelihood of receiving an offer from the university or course you’re interested in applying to, based on your predicted A level grades. It will also give you an indication of the grades you need to achieve to get an offer from your ideal uni or college.

Your teacher may use this calculator with you as part of a classroom activity or in 1-2-1 information and advice sessions, so they can give you a bit of context around the information given.

This is a beta version of the calculator, and only provides predictions for undergraduate courses based on A level grades. We’ve included universities, colleges, and subject combinations where there’s enough data to give a result. At a later date, we plan to expand the calculator to include a wide range of qualifications.

Step one – important information to consider when using the offer rate calculator

The calculator will tell you your probability of receiving an offer to study a course you're interested, at a university you're interested in, based on your predicted grades. It’s an estimate based on past applications from other people with the same A levels and predicted grades as you.

Unis and colleges take much more than just grades into consideration when deciding whether to offer anyone a place – things such as your personal statement, relevant experience, interview performance, your passion for a subject, and your commitment to study. They’ll also set entry requirements, which can be found in our search tool – not meeting a particular entry requirement could considerably change your likelihood of receiving an offer.

Just as universities and colleges take much more than grades into consideration, it’s important you make your choices based on much more than the ones which show a high chance of getting an offer. Of course, meeting entry requirements is part of it, but you need to look at all your options, consider what courses really appeal to you, what progression routes they offer, and find the courses and course providers where you will thrive.

It’s important to think about the potential consequences of only choosing courses where you have relatively low chances of receiving an offer. For example, is making five choices each with a 50% chance of an offer too high a risk? You may also want to consider using one choice to apply for a course you’re really interested in, even if the chance of getting an offer is not as high as you would like.

The calculator allows you to see how working to achieve higher grades than you’re predicted can improve your chances of receiving an offer.

Step two – how to use the offer rate calculator

  1. Enter your A level subjects and predicted grades.
  2. Enter the uni or college and subject you’re interested in.
  3. You’ll be presented with a percentage to show your likelihood of receiving an offer. The summary will also show how this  could increase or decrease if you were to have higher or lower grades. You can then email yourself a summary of the results.

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