If you’re using this calculator for courses displayed using the entry requirements filter in our search tool, the results may be different to what you expect – this is because the filter and offer rate calculator provide different information:

  • The search tool filter selects courses based on the entry requirements information in the course listings. 
  • The offer rate calculator gives results based on historical data about applicants who’ve previously been offered places on relevant courses. 

Universities and colleges take more than entry requirements and grades into consideration when deciding whether to offer a place. It’s important for you to look at specific course details to check if your qualifications and subjects are accepted, and for any other guidance.

This beta version of our offer rate calculator is designed to help you see what your chances are of receiving an offer to study a course of your choice, at a university of your choice, based on your predicted grades.

The offer rate calculator supports the latest version of most browsers (on both desktop and mobile devices). Please be aware that the offer rate calculator will not work with Internet Explorer version 9 or below.